How to make Italian Style Espresso with Moka Pot


Hello! I'm Moka Pot and I'm ready for you to take control of me.

It's really easy to make me do what you need to satisfy your desire for something hot, steamy and oh-so delicious.

Just turn on your stove and watch me start heating up. You'll soon be immersed in my pleasant warmth and my deeply seductive aroma after you pour finely-ground coffee into my filter and my water starts boiling.

Close your eyes and let me fill your senses with divine sensations...yes, that's right...

When I'm at my peak, you'll hear me make a gurgling sound. Open your eyes and take me off your stove.

Now, force me to give you what you've been waiting for--a steaming cup of espresso made by the most obedient coffee maker in the world--the Moka Pot.

Taste my coffee slowly, savoring every rich, satisfying drop. There...don't you feel like a brand-new person now?

And just think--you can control me whenever you wish. Moka Pots not only make the best coffee but we also love being so submissive and seductive. It's just the way we are... Shop Moka Pots and Stovetop Espresso Makers »

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  • Igor Dernov
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