FORLIFE Infusion Coffee Maker, Purple, 30 oz

Without pressing or using paper filters, you can make delicious, café-style coffee and tea using coffee or tea infusers.

Infusion coffee makers come with a coffee strainer and double-walled infuser that allows you to remove the infuser at just the right time. This helps prevent the bitter taste caused by over-extraction of coffee grounds.

A tea infuser equipped with a tea strainer creates perfect, brewed-in-the-mug tea every time. In addition, tea infusers fit in standard-sized (American) mugs and even teapots to accommodate unexpected guests. So the next time you're craving a hot, satisfying cup of tea or coffee, make it with a coffee or tea infuser and discover a new world of delectable "infused" taste sensations. Shop Coffee & Tea Infusers »

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  • Igor Dernov
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