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Frieling French Press Replacement Parts Guide with Assembly Instructions

Are you in love with your Frieling French Press like we are? Do you use it so much that you’re noticing parts start to break? Here is a list of the Frieling French Press Replacement Parts that we offer so that you don’t need to order a brand new french press when just one or two parts break. 

Frieling French Press Assembly Instructions

How to Measure Your Frieling French Press Parts?

  • 8 oz. (diameter 2.9")
    Height of French Press body w/o lid: 5"
  • 17 oz. (diameter 3.25")
    Height of French Press body w/o lid: 6.5"
  • 23 oz. (diameter 3.6")
    Height of French Press body w/o lid: 6.75"
  • 36 oz. (diameter 4")
    Height of French Press body w/o lid: 8"
  • 44 oz. (diameter 4.5")
    Height of French Press body w/o lid: 8.5"

Frieling Mesh Filter (double micro-filter)

Frieling Screen Replacement

The mesh filter part can wear down over time. We offer two replacement filters in one pack: a mesh filter and a double micro-mesh filter. We offer these in every Frieling size: 8 oz, 17 oz, 23 oz, 36 oz, 44 oz. Shop Frieling spare filter screen here

Frieling Plunger Assembly 

Frieling French Press Plunger

We offer a spare plunger replacement part. You can purchase in any size: 8 oz, 17 oz, 23 oz, 36 oz, or 44 oz. You can also choose from a polished or brushed finish. Shop Frieling spare plunger here

Frieling Lid

Frieling Lid Replacement

The stainless steel lid is necessary for keeping your coffee fresh and warm. To replace it, order a replacement lid in any Frieling size, with either a polished or brushed finish. Shop Frieling spare lid here

Frieling Nut (fits all)

Frieling French Press Replacement Nut

The Frieling nut fits around the plunger and is pivotal to making a good cup of coffee with the frieling. Unlike the other Frieling French Press replacement parts, it is one size fits all so you can order it for any of the Frieling sizes. Shop Frieling spare nut here

Frieling French Press Replacement Parts

Shop here if you need one or any of these Frieling French Press replacement parts. We don’t want you to have to pause your craft coffee journey for too long, so all parts usually ship within 24 hours of ordering.

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